Fall Bridge Lift Information

Bridge Clearance

92nd Street Bridge: 19.1'
95th Street Bridge: 23.6'
N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River: 23.8’

Requesting a Bridge Lift

  • All 3 bridge tenders monitor Channel 16 and will speak with you on Channel 12.
  • Radio the bridges when you get inside the break wall (leaving the lake and entering the river).
  • State your boat name and that you have entered the river and are traveling inbound to Skyway Yacht Works’ slip.
  • Request a bridge lift from the 92nd Street Bridge, the 95th Street Bridge, and the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River.


DO NOT follow a commercial vessel through the bridges without contacting the bridge first! If the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge does NOT know a sailboat is traveling under their bridge, it is possible your mast will NOT clear!!

DO NOT travel through the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge until the bridge has been completely raised—it is possible the mast will NOT clear if the bridge is not fully raised!!

**All 3 bridges work together in an effort to make travel up the river run smoothly.
**If you have difficulty with the bridges—call us and we can help!

Safe Travels,

Team Skyway

Contact Us

Skyway Yacht Works
9864 South Avenue N
Chicago, Illinois  60617
T | 773-734-7777
F | 773-721-4138



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How to Get to Skyway

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Metra Trains (93rd St)