Summer Yacht Storage

Summer storage at Skyway is for those boaters who want to take a season off from boating on the water. If your boat was stored outside in the winter, we will store you outside in the summer for 75% of the price of winter storage. You will still have access to electric and water and will have access to your boat during the week. If you store inside, your rate will be 50% of your winter bill.

We offer all of our services during the summer so if your plan is to prep your boat for the following season, we have you covered!

Contact Us

Skyway Yacht Works
9864 South Avenue N
Chicago, Illinois  60617
T | 773-734-7777
F | 773-721-4138



December 16 – February 1
—Monday–Friday: 9am–4pm
February 2 – March 15
—Monday–Saturday: 9am–4pm


March 16 – June 15
—Monday–Sunday: 8am–5pm


June 16 – September 15
—Monday–Friday: 8am–4pm


September 16 – November 21
—Monday–Sunday: 8am–5pm
November 23 – December 15
—Monday–Saturday: 9am–4pm


Easter – April 12
Memorial Day – May 25
Independence Day – July 4–7
Labor Day – September 2
November 28 – December 1
December 21 – January 5

How to Get to Skyway

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Metra Trains (93rd St)

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