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3M Marine Silicone Sealant

$24.99 each

Compatibility with most materials makes Marine Grade Silicone Sealant a good choice for a wide range of sealing tasks onboard.

3M Marine Silicone Sealant is for sealing Lexan™, Plexiglass™, gelcoat, fiberglass, wood, glass, metal, rubber, and vinyl. The cured sealant remains flexible.


  • Mildew resistant, non-sagging, and moisture-curing
  • Adheres to bare and painted metal, fiberglass, glass, non-oily woods
  • Non-yellowing seal that remains flexible even after years of exposure
  • High-quality silicone designed for the marine environment


  • Formulation: One-part silicone sealant 
  • Recommended Usage: Lexan™, Plexiglass™, gelcoat, fiberglass, glass, wood, metal, rubber, and vinyl 
  • Material Incompatibilities: None, compatible with acrylics; not as strong as polyurethane 
  • Cure Time: Tack-free: 1hr.; Complete cure: 24hrs. 
  • Cleanup: Soap and water 
  • Removal: Mechanical removal 
Pettit Paint, Yanmar Engines, Kohler, B&G Electronics, ABYC