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3M Adhesive Sealant 4200 Fast Cure

$26.99 each

Cures fast and forms a watertight seal between joints and hardware

3M 4200 is a one-part, all-purpose sealant that chemically reacts with moisture and forms a flexible, watertight, weather-resistant seal on joints and hardware. Can be used above or below the waterline; approximately half the strength of 3M's 5200, which allows for eventual disassembly of parts. Note: It can be softened by some teak cleaners and sealers and is not recommended for sealing teak decks.

  • Formulation: One-part fast-cure polyurethane adhesive/sealant
  • Recommended Usage: Fiberglass, wood, metal, some plastics, above or below water
  • Material Incompatibilities: Acrylics ABS, Lexan
  • Cure Time: Tack free: 2 hrs; complete cure: 24 hrs
  • Cleanup: Mineral spirits or kerosene
  • Removal: Mechanical removal
  • Tensile Strength: 300psi
Pettit Paint, Yanmar Engines, Kohler, B&G Electronics, ABYC