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Orion 12-Guage Flare Kit

$99.99 each

Orion 12-Guage Flare Kit

Less expensive than SOLAS-grade flares, these flares are a good choice for coastal or inland use. In the event of a lake or coastal emergency, they are super-easy to launch. Just open the breech, remove one of the flares from the bandolier, chamber the flare, close the breech, then point upward and fire. Flares reach a maximum height of 500' and burn at 16,000 candela for seven to ten seconds.


  • 12-gauge safety launcher with a lifetime warranty
  • Bandolier holds up to six high-performance signals
  • Includes four red 12-gauge high-performance aerial flares
  • Flares burn at 16,000 candela for seven seconds
  • Flares reach a maximum elevation of 500'
  • USCG-approved for day and night use

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