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Orion 12-Gauge High-Performance Red Meteor Flares

$38.99 each

12-Guage Red Meteor Flares

Rises to a height of up to 500' and burns for up to seven seconds at 16,000 candela.

Using aerial signals: Aerial flares should be fired after sighting or hearing a potential rescue vessel. To attract attention to your distress situation, the U.S. Coast Guard recommends that you fire two aerial flares--one immediately after the other--so rescuers can confirm the sighting and the direction of the signal. 

These flares replace all previous Orion 12-gauge signals with improved performance. They will fit any 12-gauge launcher manufactured since 1981. Four-pack.


  • Signal Type: 12-gauge aerial flare
  • Light Output: 16,000 candela
  • Burn Time: Up to seven seconds
  • Average Altitude: Up to 500'
  • Deployment Method: 12-gauge launcher
  • Type Approval: USCG Day/Night
  • Replacement Interval: 42 months from manufacture date
  • How Sold: Four pack

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