Skyway Yacht Works' Service Department is excellent at diagnosing your problem and recommending the best solution—from bottom paint to complex electrical, mechanical, or fiberglass work, we have the right expertise for your powerboat or sailboat.

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beginning September 1, 2022

The normal hourly labor rate is $125
The hourly rate for boats 1985 and older is $200
We usually do not work on boats 1980 and older, but may exercise our discretion and choose to.  

The Harbor Call labor rate is $125
The rate for boats that do not store at Skyway Yacht Works is $150

Skyway Yacht Works Mechanical Department

Troubleshooting is everything, whether it’s mechanical, plumbing, electronics, or even your anchor. At Skyway our technicians are tenacious in their drive to solve problems.

Skyway Yacht Works Electronics Department

The market for marine electronic systems, products, and apps is exploding, and Skyway has its finger on the pulse of this dynamic industry. Whether you need radar, autopilot, AIS, navigation/racing software, or a fish finder, we can help. NMEA Certified, Skyway is experienced with B&G, Simrad, Lowrance, Raymarine, and Garmin electronics systems.

Skyway Yacht Works Spar and Rigging Department

Sailboats' masts have rigging that is safe and strong. Rigging is more than just the wire or rod. The stress points are the swages and the splices and they should be inspected every time you take your mast down. If you haven't had your mast down in a while, it may be time.

Skyway Yacht Works Fiberglass and Paint Department

Skyway’s fiberglass and paint shop is capable of a full array of repairs, such as, gelcoat damage, keel damage, painting, hull penetrations and complete hull resurfacing.

Skyway Yacht Works Maintenance Department

At Skyway Yacht Works, it is our belief that the key to a happy and stress-free summer is a busy winter. We have many boats here at Skyway and can't always tell what is wrong with just a visual inspection. You need to assess your boat's problems and place your work orders when you arrive in the fall. That way we can help keep your boat in tip-top shape. Whether it is a moldy cabin, engine maintenance, or detailing, we can fix it...but it all starts with you!

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Winter 2022 / 2023

December 13 – March 31
—Monday–Saturday: 9am–4pm

Spring 2023

April 1 – May 31
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Summer 2023

June 1 – June 15
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Fall 2023

September 16 – November 23
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November 24 – December 31
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Closed – 2023 Holidays

Easter:  April 9
Memorial DayMay 29
Independence DayJuly 3 – 4
Labor DaySeptember 4
Thanksgiving: November 22 – 26
December 20, 2023 – January 4, 2024

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