In today’s environmentally conscious society, we are all responsible for doing our part.  At Skyway we really try to concentrate on using and selling products that are non-toxic and Biodegradable—but also really work.

Here are some of our favorites . . .


puretank selectorcideSpray Nine®

Spray Nine® kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, germs, and viruses in just 45 seconds!  It's an anti-bacterial cleaner that destroys bacterial odors and helps control mold and mildew, and blasts through the worst dirt, grease, grime, and other stubborn soils quickly, so you spend less time and effort cleaning.

Coronavirus COVID-19
The CDC recommends using EPA-Registered & Hospital Grade Disinfectants to combat the Novel 2019 Coronavirus. Lucky for you Spray Nine® is BOTH!



puretank selectorcidePureTank®

PureTank® from Skyway Yacht Works is for your water system and eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. It's used to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, and is so safe that the FDA allows it to be used directly on food. PureTank® is strong enough to kill E. coli, MRSA, staph, and Listeria and doesn't have any effect on your skin. Perfect for the marine environment and your water tanks.



Hydrocoat from Pettit Paint

hydrocoat ecoPettit Paint's Hydrocoat line of bottom paint is not necessarily non-toxic but it IS water-based and that means no VOC’s, and best of all it cleans up with water. That is the obvious and noticeable feature. But there is a hidden benefit that you just don’t hear from boatyards and for sure not from paint companies—even Pettit, who we love. This paint will last 5 years minimum in lake Michigan if properly applied.



Bio-Kleen Products

All Biokleen cleaning products biodegradable:

  • Aluma KleenAmazing Cleaner is great with hard and soft surfaces alike. Use Amazing Armour to treat your seats after you clean them with the Amazing Cleaner.
  • Aluma Kleen works great on all your running gear. Fiberglass Hull cleaner is great for stripping off old wax—do this every year to make buffing easier.  
  • Orange Cleaner is great for healthy cleaning of greasy dirt.  We mix orange cleaner and Fiberglass hull cleaner together for a 100% grease removal compound.
  • Oxidation Remover is great for cleaning your painted bottom.
  • Quik Shine is a spray wax for shining up your cockpit or radar arch on a Friday afternoon before your guests arrive.
  • H2O Repel is a great water repellant for your canvas and upholstery.



Kanberra Products

Kanberra productsMade from 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, Skyway carries a variety of Kanberra products that are perfect for cleaning, remove odors, and keeping your air healthy! Skyway carries a variety of products:

  • Kanberra Gel cleans your home, removes odors, and keeps your air healthy.
  • Kanberra Spray is great for your home, office, boats, autos, RV's and more.
  • Kanberra Premium Soap deeply cleans skin, removes tough odors and degrade bacteria, and leaves hands clean, soft and odor-free!
  • Kanberra Essential Oil is an all-natural air purifier. Our Kanberra blend of diffusing oils is just another option to make tea tree oil airborne.


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