In today’s environmentally conscious society, we are all responsible for doing our part.  At Skyway we really try to concentrate on products that are non-toxic and Biodegradable but also really work.

Pettit Paints
hydrocoat ecoTheir Hydrocoat line is not necessarily non-toxic but it IS water based and that means no VOC’s, plus it cleans up with water. That is the obvious and noticeable feature. But there is a hidden benefit that you just don’t hear from boatyards and for sure not from paint companies—even Pettit, who we love. This paint will last 5 years minimum in lake Michigan if properly applied.

Bio-Kleen Products
All Biokleen cleaning products biodegradable:

  • Amazing Cleaner is great with hard and soft surfaces alike.
    Use amazing armour to treat your seats after you clean them with the Amazing Cleaner.
  • Aluma KleenAluma Kleen works great on all your running gear. Fiberglass Hull cleaner is great for stripping off old wax - do this every year to make buffing easier.  
  • Orange Cleaner is great for healthy cleaning of greasy dirt.  We mix orange cleaner and Fiberglass hull cleaner together for a 100% grease removal compound.
  • Oxidation Remover is great for cleaning your painted bottom.
  • Quik Shine is a spray wax for shining up your cockpit or radar arch on a Friday afternoon before your guests arrive.
  • H2O Repel is a great water repellant for your canvas and upholstery

Selectrocide12G 9410For disinfecting and sanitizing water tanks, waste tank and grey water tank cleaning—used by healthcare facilities. Turns to a gas and purges tank of germs including listeria and e-coli

We like these products because they work. Try them this St. Patricks Day and, with any luck, you will find a touch of  green in these green products!

Team Skyway

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