The 7th Annual Skyway Yacht Works Dash to the Dock Regatta is set for Saturday, May 9! This is the annual start of the season and an event aimed at getting people out of the yard and into the harbor. This year’s event features breakfast at 8am and an 11am harbor start from the yard. 


Kick-off the season right from the Skyway yard to a finish line off Shedd Aquarium! We will be serving breakfast at 8am and then at approximately 11am, we will sound the starting horn and then you're on your own to head to the harbor and enjoy your season!


Skyway Yacht Works customers and non-customers alike are welcome to join us for breakfast and fun ride North. Since we are doing a harbor start, unless you want to traverse the NSRR bridge twice, we suggest you start from your yard.

In the interest of a smooth event, Skyway Customers who wish to compete will be asked to have a battery service and engine start service completed by our staff before the event. We don't want any surprise malfunctions getting in the way of a great day on the water.


Please fill out our registration form by May 4th to let us know that you will be participating so we can be sure to have enough food at the table.

Dash to the Dock Registration Form

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