The race, once again, will feature a bi-directional start, meaning that boats will be able to start in a northerly direction or a southerly — it's your choice and your math.


The course may vary. Check out and or the Facebook pages of each for Sailing Instruction announcements.


In the interest of safety, we would like boats to be 22 feet in length or longer.


Skyway Yacht Works and Karma Yacht Sales will be hosting a party, complete with food and beverages and awards at the Columbia Yacht Club Dock in Monroe Harbor.


Please register by July 29, 2018, including handicap. If you don't have or don't know your handicap, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the specifics of your boat and we can generate one for you.



We cancelled the race because of a morning hurricane. By race time, the weather was perfect. I would say it was the best sailing day of the summer. 2017 Fiasco will only be cancelled from the starting area. And we will not cancel it.


The Fiasco lived up to its name. We had a good breeze at the start, a bidirectional start, which actually split the fleets and made a real contest of it, a kiteboard (thanks Val Smith), a couple of missed starts, rain, and then somebody shut the wind off. The awards party was a gas though. It was on the rail deck of the Columbia Yacht Club where we had 2 massage chairs set up, which were filled the whole time. It was loud and crowded and we had great refreshments, which included 3 Kegs from Lagunita's Brewery, Italian Beef from Devanco Foods, wine from Vin Chicago, appetizers from Whole Foods and Skyway provided the Mt. Gay and Tito's for Bai 5's mixers. The race is a 15-mile pursuit style event around the water intake cribs out in front of the Chicago lakefront. The offset buoy GPS coordinates were right on the money this year, so we had that going for us, which was nice.


The 2014 race was a one-way ordeal, starting at North Avenue Beach and running clockwise right up to the CMRC and through the Etchells North Americans Championships (no contact was made). This year's race was more like the SanFrancisco namesake event with a multi-directional start to take advantage of the wind direction.

We had great prizes including, Wine from Vin Chicago, dry-fit shirts from Gill, Gibson's gift cards, Koval Distillery tours, Lux Bar lunch cards, Lagunitas gift bags, massage gift certificates from Massage by Melissa, Quantum sail ties and hats, Kind Bars, Bai 5.

We can not thank Pettit Paint and Kanberra Gel enough for all their support at all Skyway Yacht Works' events.

Organizing Authority is Columbia Yacht Club and host of the party. They did an awesome job, so a big thank you to Tim and Kristian and all the dock crew.

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Pettit Paint, Yanmar Engines, Kohler, B&G Electronics, ABYC