Spring Departure Reminders

It’s time to think spring and boat launching!

The online forms are now ready for you to schedule your departure and all work you need done on your boat prior to that.

Please remember you are not scheduling a launch date, but scheduling a departure date. We will launch your boat up to 5 days prior to your departure. Keeping that in mind, please allow enough time for the work you order to be completed when selecting a departure date.

And now . . . the Rules

  • All invoices MUST be paid before departure can be scheduled. 
  • Everyone MUST come to the office to sign in and out. This is a Coast Guard regulation and must be followed.
  • Customers MUST also come to the office to check out the day of departure.
  • You MUST schedule your departure at least 48 hours in advance. 

. . . the Reminders

Boats that do not depart on their scheduled day will most likely have multiple other boats rafted to them. This can complicate your ability to depart at a later time.

Space is extremely limited and weekends fill up early so schedule as soon as possible. Reservations can be changed by calling the office.

The NS5 railroad bridge is very busy so we have been asked to schedule departures into groups at 9am, Noon, and 3pm.

. . . the Storage Dates

Winter storage officially begins on October 1st and ends on May 31st. Summer storage begins June 1st and ends September 30th. The rate for summer storage is 3/4 of your winter storage rate.

. . . and now the Forms!

Select the appropriate form below and tell us who you are. After that, you will be asked to choose a departure date and time. If you are not ready to select a departure date, but you already know you want work done, you can still order that work here. Then you can either resubmit when you decide on a departure date or call us to be put on the schedule.

> Sailboat Spring Commissioning & Departure Date Request Form
> Powerboat Spring Commissioning & Departure Date Request Form 

More Useful Information

Launch Prep Services

For a stress-free departure, we recommend:

  • Lines & Fenders Service
    — Skyway will put your lines and fenders out for you. $50
  • Battery Service/Engine Start Package
    — Make sure your boat starts before you and your friends are ready to depart.
    • Single Engine - $245
    • Twin Engine - $395

Boat Yard Departures

Skyway will not schedule more than 10 departures per day so if you want a weekend, you need to schedule it early.

Skyway reserves the right to alter the schedule due to inclement weather.

Once you have a departure date, you must leave on that date. If there are dangerous conditions (i.e. North or Northeast winds and/or big waves) on the lake, you will not be asked to leave. If the lake is calm and you do not leave as scheduled, you will be assessed a $50 per day slip fee.

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