Spring Bridge Lift Information


We have been asked to group our departures for fewer lifts of the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge. Skyway departures will depart at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. If you miss your scheduled lift time you will have to wait until the next group. 

Bridge Clearance

N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River: 20’
95th Street Bridge: 20'
92nd Street Bridge: 16'
— Note that variations in lake levels will change the above-reported depths!


  • All 3 bridge tenders monitor Channel 16.
  • BEFORE departing Skyway Yacht Works’ Slip:
    • You MUST radio the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River.
    • State your boat name and that you are traveling outbound to Lake Michigan from Skyway Yacht Works’ slip.
    • Request a bridge lift from the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River, the 95th Street Bridge, and the 92nd Street Bridge.


DO NOT follow a commercial vessel through the bridges without contacting the bridge first! If the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge does NOT know a sailboat is traveling under their bridge, it is possible your mast will NOT clear!!

DO NOT travel through the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge until the bridge has been completely raised—it is possible the mast will NOT clear if the bridge is not fully raised!!

**All 3 bridges work together in an effort to make travel up the river run smoothly.
**Please coordinate your departure with other sailors so you travel in groups to minimize bridge lifts.

If you have difficulty with the bridges—call us and we can help!

Safe Travels,

Team Skyway

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