Fall Bridge Lift and Arrival Information

Bridge Clearance

* Please note that these bridge clearances may not be accurate due to varying water levels on Lake Michigan and its tributaries.

  • 92nd Street Bridge: 19.1'
  • 95th Street Bridge: 23.6'
  • N/S 5 Railroad Bridge: 23.8’ 

Requesting a Bridge Lift

  • All 3 bridge tenders monitor Channel 16 and will speak with you on Channel 12.
  • Radio the bridges when you get inside the break wall (leaving the lake and entering the river).
  • State your boat name and that you have entered the river and are traveling inbound to Skyway Yacht Works’ slip.
  • Request a bridge lift from the 92nd Street Bridge, the 95th Street Bridge, and the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge on the Calumet River.

NOTE: The three bridges may wait for a group of sailors to gather before lifting. Their goal is to lift no more than once every half hour so try to group with other boaters for the inbound trip on the river. All three bridges are working together in an effort to make travel down the river run smoothly. Due to train schedules and minimizing the number of lifts of the aged N/S 5 Railroad Bridge, please keep in mind that you may have to wait longer than expected.

DO NOT follow a commercial vessel through the bridges without contacting the bridge first! If the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge does NOT know a sailboat is traveling under their bridge, it is possible your mast will NOT clear!!
DO NOT travel through the N/S 5 Railroad Bridge until the bridge has been completely raised—it is possible the mast will NOT clear if the bridge is not fully raised!!

**If you have difficulty with the bridges—call us and we can help!

Arriving at Skyway

When you arrive you will be docking your boat on its STARBOARD SIDE. Please be prepared with your lines and fenders set on the starboard side of your boat.

  1. Place your fenders, bow line, stern line, and 2 spring lines on the STARBOARD SIDE of your boat. 
  2. Turn off your battery switch before you step off your boat to leave the boatyard! 
  3. Come into the Skyway office and check-in your boat.

Safe Travels!

Team Skyway

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How to Get to Skyway

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Metra Trains (93rd St)

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