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Our mast shed is a cold storage facility with a rigging bench for customer use. The masts are stored on racks with spreaders removed and the masts can be pulled down easily with our three point trolley lift system for the customer to work on or for our rig shop to operate. This means your mast is nicely supported through the entirety of its journey from boat to storage.

We are experts in repairing rigging issues, whether you would like more purchase in your outhaul, need new halyards spliced, or simply can't seem to get your rig set up right, we can help.

We always build in a safety factor of at least 3 when specifying theoretical breaking strengths for systems and we build our repairs to last, by ensuring fair leads, minimal chafe and properly sized components.


As the saying goes: there's a short splice for every sailor, and a long splice for every ship.