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Bridge Information


Do NOT follow a commercial vessel through bridges WITHOUT contacting the bridge first.  If the NS 5 Railroad bridge does NOT know a sailboat is travelling under their bridge, it is possible the bridge may come down on your mast or flybridge.

Do NOT travel through the NS 5 Railroad Bridge until the bridge has been completely raised - it is possible you mast needs maximum clearance.  

All 3 bridges work together in an effort in an effort to make travel up the river run smoothly.

Call the yard if you have difficulty - we can help.

Skyway Yacht Works is located just a mile up the Calumet River.

When entering the river from the lake you will encounter 4 bridges.

Only 3 may need to be hailed. All monitor VHF 16

If you find yourself waiting between bridges with a freighter or barge, hail the captain on 16. Most of the time the captains would prefer you pass ahead of them so they can keep you in their sights.

  • 1st Bridge - EJ&E 710  - Lifting Railroad Truss left in UP position unless manned - 125' Vertical Clearance
  • 2nd Bridge - 92nd St Bridge - Opening span with 17.7' Vertical clearance in closed position.
  • 3rd Bridge - 95th St Bridge - Opening span with 23' Vertical clearance in closed position.
  • 4th Bridge - NS5 Railroad Bridge - Lifting Railroad Truss with 23' Vertical clearance when down, 98' Vertical Clearance when up.


Sample conversation between boat owner and each of the bridges starting with Ewing Avenue - 92nd St.

92nd st, 92nd st. this is the sailing vessel - MAD DOG; we are in the river- requesting a lift for passage through to Skyway Yacht Works.”

OK captain we will raise the bridge when you get in sight.

“Thank you 92nd st. “
“95th st and NS 5 over the Calumet, do you copy, we are a sailing vessel inbound all the way to Skyway Yacht Works and we will need a lift after we pass through 92nd st. Do you acknowledge?”

Captain, this is 95th street. We read you loud and clear. We will raise as you approach

Mad Dog, this is NS 5. Go to Channel 12 (go to one two, one two). We have two trains approaching and a ship outbound to the lake. After the trains pass, we will lift for the ship. You will wait over near the Crowleys Dock until the ship passes and we will hold the bridge for you. Check back in when you pass 95th street